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Glass and Specialty Cleaners

  • Bug-Off Bug Remover

    Bug-Off Bug Remover

    Special formula dissolves bugs and bug residue from painted surfaces. Cleans quickly with minimum agitation. (1:1 concentrate)
  • Dutrion Tablets

    Dutrion Tablets

    An EPA registered disinfectant that protects against Covid-19 (SARS-CoV2) Short contact time to eliminate pathogens in 3 minutes Dries on the surface in 5 minutes Safe to use on the inside of a vehicle Has a long shelf life of 30 days in...
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  • Karneet Aerosol Glass Cleaner

    Karneet Aerosol Glass Cleaner

    Best selling automotive glass cleaning formula. Thick foam cleaner lifts away the toughest soils. Ideal for use on windows, mirrors, windshields, and showcases. 12 cans per case.   Foam On-Wipe Dry Cleans, Restores, Shines Fresh Fragrance...
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  • Refresh Surface Prep - 16oz

    Refresh Surface Prep - 16oz

    Blend of surfactants, specialty cleaners, and isopropyl alcohol that will safely remove waxes and oils from compounding and polishing. Also increases the integrity of the molecular bond that occurs when applying sealants and coatings. Foams to prevent...
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  • Vanquish Pre-Soak

    Versatile cleaning product for use in all vehicle washing applications. Designed to break road film, oil, diesel exhaust residue, tree sap, carbon, and dirt. Dilution ratios may vary from 50:1 to 2:1. Will not harm clear coat or chrome. Do NOT use on...
  • Water Spot Remover PRO - 32oz

    Water Spot Remover PRO - 32oz

    This is the same product/formula which was previously named Spot Not, it has been re-named to Water Spot Remover PRO. Description: Water Spot Remover PRO is a thick acid based formulation designed to quickly and easily remove hard water...
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