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Tire and Wheel Cleaners

  • Effortless Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner - Gallon

    Effortless Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner - Gallon

    Description: A highly effective acid-free, non-caustic, pH balanced, cleaner for all types of wheels: steel, alloy, chrome, painted, powder coated, uncoated and anodized aluminum. Effortlessly loosens and removes stubborn grime, such as burnt-on brake...
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  • Solution - Gallon

    Description: Highly concentrated for economy. An excellent all purpose cleaner. Quickly cleans grease, oil, dirt, mineral deposits, film, etc. Penetrates deep to remove pollutants, grease and stubborn dirt from carpets, upholstery, plastic, vinyl and...
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  • Wire Wheel Cleaner

    Wire Wheel Cleaner

    Heavy duty acid based cleaner and brightener formulated for chrome wheels. (use full strength or dilute 1:1)