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Interior Protection

  • Gear Shift Protectors

    Gear Shift Protectors

    Each cover slips easily onto the gearshift of the vehicle to prevent the spread of dirt, grease, grime, germs, and disease. Used by auto dealer service departments, detail shops, stereo shops, tint shops, auto repair shops, and auto body shops...
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  • Plastic Seat Covers 500 ct. Roll

    Plastic Seat Covers 500 ct. Roll

    Great way to show customers that you care about their vehicle. Protects vehicle while being serviced and eliminates the need for costly cleanups. These seat covers minimize the transfer of dirt from one vehicle to another. These economical seat covers...
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  • Polyback Paper Floor Mats

    Polyback Paper Floor Mats

    “Poly-Back” Floor Mats are extremely high wet strength. Both designs are a big 17” x 22” mat for good coverage. These are the highest quality mats available! Poly-Back Footprint 17” x 22” Prints in Black...
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  • Seat Cover - Reusable - QTY. 1

    Seat Cover - Reusable - QTY. 1

    These are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic seat covers. These covers are made from reusable, recyclable, non-woven polypropylene which reduces waste and land fill. They are non-porous, resist chemicals, are completely re-usable and can...
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