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  • 3" Tire Dressing Applicator

    3" Tire Dressing Applicator

    This tire dressing applicator is the perfect solution for shining tires. The crescent shape ensures the maximum applying surface. The soft gray sponge absorbs the right amount of solution for an even application. High‐density sponge allows for easy...
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  • Applicator - Jade Ceramic Neon Green

    Applicator - Jade Ceramic Neon Green

    The [Appli-Coat] suede microfiber ceramic coating applicators were designed for ease of use for ceramic application. Made from premium 80/20, lightweight (200gsm), suede microfiber, they absorb minimal product and allow for even application on paint,...
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  • Magic Leather Brush

    Magic Leather Brush

    This magic leather brush is a must‐have for any detailer’s arsenal. This NEW leather tool can clean the dirtiest leather and removes dark stains like magic. With a larger and easier‐to‐hold sponge, this brush will speed up the cleaning process...
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  • Microfiber Applicator Pad 4" x 6"

    Microfiber Applicator Pad 4" x 6"

    This rectangular microfiber applicator pad is the perfect item for applying waxes, sealants, glazes and dressings. Our microfiber applicator pads are exactly what detailers need to get the job done right. Wash with mild detergent; this product can be...
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  • Microfiber Pocket Wax Applicator

    Microfiber Pocket Wax Applicator

    This round microfiber applicator pad is exactly what detailers need for many projects. It is ideal for applying waxes, polishes and protectants to vehicles. The extra 4 finger pocket provides an easy hold and makes it simple to apply any solution. Each...
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