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Dealer and Temporary Tag Supplies

  • Dealer License Magnet

    Dealer License Magnet

    Completely rubber coated to prevent any scratching, these Iron Oxide magnets will hold their magnetic charge indefinitely. These magnets will adhere to all metalic surfaces - trunk lids, bumpers, tailgates etc... 8" x 1" size fits all license plates...
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  • EZ Tag Blank Plates 12" x 6"

    EZ Tag Blank Vanity Plates 12" x 6"

    Adhere the Motor Vehicle Temporary Tag Paper to the Vanity Plate and place on the back of the vehicle This allows the Temporary Tag to be securely mounted to the vehicle Shrink wrapped 100 per package Finished product has round holes
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  • Magnetic Rubber Plate Holder

    Magnetic Rubber Plate Holder

    This product combines the best of both worlds - the convenience of a bar magnet with the protection of a rubber license holder. The bar magnet is compelety coated to protect against any scratching and is attached to the rubber license holder by sturdy...
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  • Temporary Tag Protector Bags

    Temporary Tag Protector Bags

    These inexpensive yet very effective temporary tag bags will keep your tags dry and legible. Keeping you and your customer legal. These bags can also be used to protect license plates from wear while in storage or in transit. Extra long bag allows users...
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