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Chamois and Towels

  • Double Sided Microfiber Towel

    Double Sided Microfiber Towel

    A luxurious option for waterless cleaning! This ultra plush 820 GSM towel with silk wrap edge is gentle on car surfaces and will absorb any liquid. Twin color prevents cross contamination. Use one color to clean the dirt off your car and use the other...
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  • Elite Dryer, PVA Drying Cloth

    Elite Dryer, PVA Drying Cloth

    Elite water drop design for easy gliding and powerful drying. Smooth side on reverse for strong suction and absorption. LARGE SIZE - bigger than 4 sq. ft. to get that drying job done faster. Actually absorbs dirt and grime away from the surface of your...
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  • Microfiber Towel 16" x 16"

    Microfiber Towel 16" x 16"

    This microfiber knitted towel is the professionals’ main staple for cleaning, drying and detailing. The eco‚Äźfriendly microfiber is thick, durable and competitively priced. It can handle large amounts of water and oil. Multiple color options allow...
  • Microva Hybrid Drying Cloth

    Microva Hybrid Drying Cloth

    A drying cloth measuring 24" x 30" with a lint-free design. Machine washable with chemical, mold and mildew resistant materials. Sold individually, packaged 24 per case. Specifications: Size: 24" x 30" Package: Plastic Case Qty: 24 Color: Tan Features:...
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  • Natural Hardwound Towels

    Natural Hardwound Paper Towels

    Hardwound Paper Towel Rolls Natural Color 1-Ply Non-perforated Ideal for hand drying Can be used for general cleaning and glass cleaning 350-ft. Rolls Sold in Cartons, 12 Rolls per Carton
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  • Reclaimed White Terry Cloth Towels - 10 lb. Box

    Reclaimed White Terry Cloth Towels - 10 lb. Box

    Reclaimed white economy terry rags are the perfect choice for economical cleanups. 100% white cotton, these rags are typically purchased to be disposable. Great for industrial cleaning. Color may vary. 100% white cotton May be stitched or...
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  • Waffle Weave Extra Large Towel

    Waffle Weave Extra Large Towel

    Detailers can effortlessly wipe a car down with these super large, gray microfiber waffles. They’re so absorbent that one can be used to dry a small car and barely needs to be wrung out! The plush weave of the towel allows it to hold a great deal...
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  • Waffle Weave Large Towel

    Waffle Weave Large Towel

    Auto detailers will love the superior absorbency of this towel. Every small waffle square will hold the maximum amount of liquid to ensure drying jobs are quick and easy. Our waffle weave towel is made with the best microfiber in the industry, which is...
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  • Water Blade

    Water Blade

    Flexible, 12" wide water blade that is great for quickly removing water from glass and painted surfaces.
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